* Please note that due to limited seating, we strongly urge you to make reservations. If you would like to make a reservation, please call the restaurant at 864-366-2500.

At the Village Grill it is our belief that we have a responsibility to our customers to provide the freshest foods possible. We use no sulfites, preservatives, or MSG in the preparation of our meals.

We support our local farmers, when feasible, by purchasing local produce when it meets our standards for quality and freshness.

All eggs used in our kitchen are produced from cage-free chickens by "Myrtledale Farm"in Newberry, S.C..

We also feel we have a responsibility to the environment. We use recycled paper for our menus and other paper products, recycle cardboard when feasible, serve water only upon request, use refrigeration rotation system for thawing frozen products rather than running water, and use paper to go containers rather than styrofoam.

Also, we use energy efficient cooking equipment when possible, ceiling fans to help regulate temperature and lots of live plants to help clean and freshen the air naturally.    We appreciate your business and hope your dining experience with us will be an enjoyable one.

 All are welcome here!