"Fine dining in a casual relaxed environment. An extensive menu of regular items supplemented by a wide variety of daily specials for lunch and dinner."- on

"The food is AWESOME! - That's what keeps the regulars returning at this gem. No fancy decor, but this diner has atmosphere and energy and really good food. Their specials are made using the local farms and produce, and should be tried. I've never been disappointed at this place and have been going regularly for the past 15 years. Prices are very fair and food quantity and quality are above par. Service is also good. :)"

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"I chanced to stop in Abbeyville over the holidays and had a wonderful dinner at the Village Grill. Without a doubt I had one of the tastiest dishes that I've ever eaten, and it was a special on the menu: 'Sauteed 'wild caught' jumbo domestic shrimp with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and grape tomatoes, with lemon dill butter sauce over linguini.' (At each table they post a chalk tablet where they write their specials on - so I copied it down because it was so damn good).

"The lemon dill butter sauce was heaven on earth. It tasted like the most sumptuous alfredo sauce in the world, and it would've gone great on anything. It was paired nicely with the shrimps, veggies and linguini. The dish also came with a half slice of garlic bread which was buttery, and crispy - great for sopping up that wonderful sauce.

"For dessert I tasted their cashew butter pie and their grand marnier creme brulee. I thought the creme brulee was excellent, smooth and silky. The cashew butter pie was also tasty, a bit unusual, but still good.

"The venue is nice, just a few steps away from the town square, and the decor is appealing. On the wall across from me was a row of framed movie posters of D grade horror movies from the 50's and 60's. Pretty cool. A great find of a restaurant, and a definite recommend to any who stops in the area."

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"The Village Grill is a staple for me. Having experienced the local food scene all too well, I have no trouble calling this the best place to eat within 25 miles of Greenwood. Their food is exceptional, with weekly specials that are always fresh and good. The only problem I've had during countles visits is slightly dim lighting. The service is very good and pretty speedy. Expect a 20 minute wait for a table on weekend nights."

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"The Village Grill is the best place to eat in Abbeville. From the Rotisserie Chicken to the French Dip it's wonderful. The chef makes his specials daily and although there pricey over dinner your best bet for the specials are to get them at lunch time for a better price. The Soups are made from scratch as our the desserts and wow you gotta try the cheesecakes! Friday & Saturday nights expect to wait. The Staff is very friendly and very helpful with making your dinner choices!"

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